Meditate To Turn Off Cancer Genes

VacationThis is a quick blog because I just discovered something AMAZING! During a 6 week survey of people doing a brief daily meditation researchers studied their genes and found that even through a short daily meditation practice these people were able to turn off their cancer genes….
Just through relaxing, breathing and calming their minds.
Wow!!!!  And…How?
Well, it turns out that their white blood cells and killer cells increased as a result of the meditation practice and that’s part of how the body gets rid of cancer. So for as little as five minutes a day, these people were putting their bodies into healing mode and setting themselves up for recovery and rebuild.
Now you probably know meditation is good for you….but do you do it? Did you know that when you meditate, your brain actually changes – which means your body also changes. And it changes in an immune boosting way – Yay!
This proves meditation is good stuff!
Meditation literally floods your bloodstream with immune boosting chemicals…so it’s worth a try right?
But maybe sitting in a cross-legged position in silence isn’t for you – it certainly doesn’t work for me – so I’ve created a new meditation for you that you can listen to as you’re sitting / lying somewhere comfortable, walking your dog, or even while doing some gentle stretching, yoga or Tai Chi.
Because the thing about rebuilding is that you have to do it in a way that works for YOU 🙂
To access the guided meditation simply go to the Rebuild Your Health Youtube Channel and click on “New Meditation” then sit back and listen and let your body do the rest. This uplifting meditation that will leave you feeling inspired, safe, connected and at peace. Try it daily for the next week and let me know how you feel. And remember to subscribe to the Youtube channel to receive all new recordings.
Enjoy  – and let me know what you think in the comments box underneath the audio 🙂

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