Why A Bucket List Isn’t About Dying

bucketlistIn the 2007 movie “The bucket list,” Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman’s characters meet in a cancer ward and become bonded by circumstance and a desire to complete a list of things they want to see and do before they die. Against their doctor’s advice, they leave the hospital and set out on the adventure of a lifetime together. A final hurrah before quite literally, kicking the bucket.

The theme reflects a prevailing thought that we’re all going to leave this life at some point and there’s some stuff we should do before we go. The focus is on our ultimate demise but having a bucket list isn’t really about death at all. Quite the opposite in fact, and that’s why it’s so important.

The very act of creating a bucket list invigorates us and gives us a sense of purpose. Without something to achieve, something we desire to experience we tend to drift through life, growing increasingly frustrated, dissatisfied and unwell. We can survive, we can exist, but ultimately there’s no higher level of enjoyment to aspire to or attain. In short, there’s very little to live for.

A bucket list is a grander to-do list and without goals and dreams, without a little fun and thrills, we dwindle. We know there’s something greater that we’re not experiencing and we feel it at a cellular level. If our goals and dreams continue to go ignored we close off, our cells shut down and illness results. A life without purpose becomes no life at all.

Take a moment now and think about something you’d like on your bucket list.

Whether it’s skydiving, deep sea diving, climbing a mountain, meeting the president, or even becoming the president, take a second and imagine achieving it.

Step into that moment where it goes from being on your bucket list to becoming a reality. I mean REALLY imagine that moment.

You feel ALIVE, right?

When you hit that bucket list sweet spot your life has meaning in that moment. And that’s what makes us come alive, feel alive and in truth, those moments are what keep us alive.

Whether it’s trekking the himalayas, seeing a hummingbird for the first time or holding our newborn child. It’s this meaning that fills us with joy and when we’re filled with joy we’re filled with life and our cells respond. They get the “live” message loud and clear.

This is why you must write your bucket list. Not because you’re going to die but because you want to LIVE in the meantime. The bucket list is as much anticipation as it is achievement. Getting excited about what excites you is a good thing. The thrill of the chase, the planning, the action steps you’ll take all balance out the stress and anxiety elsewhere in our lives. We feel better when we’re focussing on what we love, or what we would love.

It’s personal betterment. We expand as people and we expand our comfort zone. We step into the unknown where, frankly, anything could happen, even healing. I’m a firm believer that every time you achieve something on your bucket list a part of you is healed. A part of you learns and grows and opens to balance.

So if you’re suffering with illness or symptoms right now, try this. Make a bucket list and focus on WHY you want to do, see or experience something. It can also include meeting someone who has significance for you. Think about what achieving this will give you? How will it change or improve your life, your health, your potential? Have fun with it, start small if it feels better and know that your bucket list will evolve with you. Don’t try and compete with anyone else or copy someone else’s ideas. Focussing on what you want and WHY is far more powerful. Your bucket list should truly light you up, no matter what’s on it. It should make you feel alive and ensure life in between ticking off items is lived at a new level of energy and hope. Bucket lists are about living so let your list reflect the life that courses through your veins and longs to lift you to your full potential 🙂

If you need inspiration try  bucketlist.net and bucketlist.org and don’t forget to comment and check out more inspirational support at the Rebuild Your Health Youtube channel.

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