One Day Your Life Will Flash Before Your Eyes…

onedayIf you had to look back at the movie of your life, would you watch it?

Would it hold your attention, would you gaze in awe, or would you turn away in pain, boredom or regret?

Sometimes we get so caught up in daily life, that we forget to really live, and what does that mean these days anyway? The grind of working, earning, paying the bills and putting food on the table can be all consuming. To juggle that with ill health, or caring for a sickly relative is a minefield. It’s tempting to put your needs on hold, until things are better, easier or even until you’re stronger, but the truth is, there is only now. There is only the present in which you can choose whether or not to live.

Yes there will be challenges. You will surely have been allocated some good ones, as we all are. Such is the purpose of the human experience. It is not the challenge itself but rather your response to it that determines how gripping the movie of your life will be for you. If you deny the facts, shy away from the challenge, or hand responsibility over to someone else, don’t be surprised if you’re asleep way before the credits roll around.

If you take the time to be with each challenge, to experience the now and humbly extract the learning from the lesson, then your story will build to a tantalising crescendo. You will gasp as events that seem unrelated suddenly make sense when woven together, leading you to the culmination of your best self. Without your personal evolution the very fabric of evolution is incomplete. What you learn now and how you apply it to your life now, ripples out to touch others and create a far greater effect than you imagine. You are not alone. You are part of life itself. Right now. Right here. Your screenplay involves those you love, those you help, those you inspire and even those you hurt. We are all here to learn, forgive, and above all, love. Without your part, it is not only your tale that loses colour and flavour.

Grab your moment. Take this day by the hand and decide to do something that makes a difference to your life, your relationships, your work, your health and the future that your actions will ultimately create. Do one thing you’ve been putting off. Take a decision and stand by it. Make that call. Start your business. Join the gym. Ask him out. Say you’re sorry. Start juicing. Visit a relative. Look at yourself with loving eyes for a whole five minutes. Meditate. Stretch. Love.

Be the person you want to see up on screen and be them now. The past is history. You are not who you were yesterday. That scene is over. Today is a new take – on life – literally. You are empowered with your own story. Begin.

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