What’s Your Achilles Heel?

There's A Gift In This For You


Two years ago I snapped my Achilles heel in a rather exciting game of netball. As I sat in hospital nursing nursing my wound I had no idea that 8 weeks in 3 different plasters and 11 weeks of no driving and essentially, being housebound, would far outweigh the actual pain.

Suddenly, I couldn't DO what I was used to doing i.e. chasing around after kids, working too much, cramming in sport and socialising. It was literally me and the couch and my crutches - and there's only so much TV anyone can watch. Seriously.

Let's face it, injury and illness are a pain in the arse. They stop us in our tracks and rob us of our freedom, but they also wake us up. Being forced to take time out, stops us DOING quite so much and lets us BE instead.

In my 11 weeks of rehab' I took the time to get to know myself better and to educate myself more. I could sit still and read really well! Without expecting to, I revolutionised my life. I started doing things differently because I had to. I began videoing myself because I needed entertainment and I wondered if my experience could help others. I made silly videos to help ease some very long days  and I created a Youtube channel.

I NEVER would have done this without 8 weeks in plaster, but I got to my WTF point and rolled with it. I changed the way I thought, I learned how to market online and I got the skills I needed to launch the business I'd been thinking about for 3 years. 3 years!!

I wrote my book, created a new career that better suited my lifestyle and by the time I was back on two feet (albeit a little wobbly,) I was a new woman.

It's easy to forget how transformational injury and illness can be. A sprained ankle might be highly inconvenient but on another level it allows you a couple of days of reflection. After all, isn't a bit of disruption good for all of us? Aren't we all more open creatively open and receptive when we're in chaos? We stop trying to control because we know we can't, so we consider options that weren't even on our radar before.

If your life has been changed by unexpected circumstances take a moment to recognise the opportunity in front of you. The potential for change that so many of us need but refuse to give ourselves permission for. You are having this experience for a reason. There is something to learn here. There is something of value for you, and it is yours to find.

Invest some time in yourself, in your desires, in what you feel called to do or be. You can re-invent yourself at will (just look at Madonna!) You are never stuck unless you choose to be. Get curious about the areas where life has forced a change. Evaluate new or outlandish ideas. Embrace a new direction. Welcome the shift that is happening for you, regardless of the pain, or weeks in plaster that it may take to get there. Life and your body are communicating with you. Listen.

Trust there's a purpose to this frustration you're feeling. Know that the very word impossible, says I'm possible. Whether it's your health, your career or your relationships, understand that your power to rebuild is always in your hands. There is a gift in this for you. Be prepared to open it.



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