5 Things You Need To Know To Truly Heal

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Fact: The only person who can truly heal you, is you.

You can take all the meds you want, suppress your symptoms away, cut bits out and poison yourself but ultimately, all healing has to come from within.


Because that’s where illness starts. With us.

imagine if you really knew, I mean totally believed, that the power to heal was within your hands. Would your day be a little different?

It’s a biggie to get your head around. I know. Being responsible for yourself, and your health are challenges we’ll all face. They’re a part of the glorious human experience, alongside love, fear, joy, pain, grief, betrayal and at some point or other, illness.

No one gets off scott free, but the good news is, you can always choose health. You really can heal if you know how and why your body creates illness in the first place and how to choose health instead of illness.

So as someone who spent ten years rebuilding herself from serious illness, here are the 5 things I believe you need to know in order to truly heal.

The 5 things that could save you time, pain and frustration.

The 5 things that can have a huge impact, not only on your health and energy, but on everything from your career to relationships and the direction of your life.


5 Things You Need To Know To Truly Heal

1.Your Body Only Has 1 Job

A lot of people talk about their bodies as something separate from their minds. As something outside of themselves that randomly attacks them with symptoms.

It’s not true.

Your body and your mind are inherently connected and respond to each other. In actual fact, your body’s only job is to keep you alive. Or at least try to. Your body will respond to the circumstances it finds itself in. So if it’s full of toxicity it can’t shift, you’re going to get a symptom.

This is your body’s way of communicating with you.

If you nourish your body and facilitate the cleansing and release process that your body is inherently programmed to undertake, then your body will regenerate and self-heal, as it is designed to.

The human body is the most advanced, exquisite piece of kit on this planet. It has the means to repair and rebuild given the right conditions. It has no interest in killing you off unnecessarily. Trust it. You can choose to heal.

Action: Reframe the way you see your body. It really is the best friend you will ever have. Love it and support it and it will return the favour in abundance.

For a guided audio meditation to help you, visit https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vcAiLmQWpo


2.For Every Input There’s An Effect.

Everything you put into your body will have a corresponding effect. Whether it’s pharmaceutical drugs, certain types of food, or even your thoughts. Each will create an effect.

Any conventional medicine you take will come with a list of side effects, but here’s the thing – there are no side effects, there are only EFFECTS.

So a drug may get rid of your symptom but if it creates stress on your liver, for example, or damages your heart, you need to assess if the short term gain outweighs the long term risk.*

Food has a clear effect. You know what makes you feel truly good as opposed to momentarily good but then drained, tired or bloated later. If the effect you’re getting isn’t health and vitality, you need to take an honest look at what you’re putting in, and that includes water. Many common symptoms of illness are actually dehydration.

Thoughts are harder to monitor as they can be subconscious and linked to our beliefs. The fact is that if you’re focussing on negative thoughts, your cells feel the impact of this.

If you are anxious, stressed or fearful on a regular basis the message you are sending to your cells is not, live and be well. Pay attention to your inputs to get the effects of healing.

Action: Start to pay conscious attention to what you’re putting into your body and mind and you will notice what leads you towards health and what contributes to illness or provokes your symptoms.

*Let me be clear that I’m not against conventional medicine. It has a very important place, particularly in emergency surgery, but I believe it is currently over used for many common symptoms.


3.Illness Is Your Opportunity To Reclaim Your Power

It’s tempting to hand your conditions, symptoms or illness over to your doctor and expect to be cured. In a world of the quick fix, none of us have time to be ill.

Too often, when a diagnosis is severe enough, it rips a life apart, but perhaps that is the point. It forces us to sit up and take notice. Illness happens for many reasons but it always means we are out of balance somewhere.

By making us to stop and take stock, it offers an opportunity to reflect and create the change that’s needed. It shows us where we have given away our power.

As part of our reflection it is important to seek counsel and do our research, but if we believe someone else is responsible for our health then how can we ever truly heal?

A surgeon can cut out a cancerous tumour but she cannot remove the cause, because that lies within us. Medication and surgery can buy us time, and that can be important if we’re caught up in fear, but true empowerment comes from knowing we are responsible for ourselves.

Yes, we are human and we make mistakes. We ignore symptoms that our body is struggling, we lack self-care and we punish ourselves for our shortcomings, but there is no room for shame or judgement in rebuilding. Only a growing awareness of our power to create our own health.

To take responsibility for our health is to begin the journey of self-discovery. If we deny ourselves this opportunity to grow then we defer our power to heal to someone else and reduce our potential to truly be well.

Action: Notice what your body is communicating to you through symptoms. Make changes to re-balance your life, your work, your relationships and stress therein. Realise that you have the power to change your health and your life in any moment.


4.The Block Is In You

It’s not about creating great health. It’s about removing the blocks to great health, and these my friend, are in all of us, including you.

There are many reasons why we choose something other than health. Even in our darkest hours we choose toxic substances, actions or thoughts because they promise to temporarily ease our pain, be it physical or emotional.

Fear stops us taking the right action. Lack of belief says, health is impossible so why bother trying? Our ego wants to keep us stuck in victim mode. We refuse to forgive and let go of the hate, resentment and toxicity we’re carrying around, which then has no option but to create symptoms.

We can’t find anything to be grateful for and when we reach the fork in the road where action is required, we turn quietly away and say, maybe tomorrow.

Until we are a vibrational match for health and vitality, we cannot achieve health and vitality.

Action: Use the tools in Section 8 of “Rebuild Your Health Reclaim Your Life” to overcome the 7 biggest blocks to great health. Recognise this is an ongoing practise that over time, revolutionises your health and your life.


5.Support Saves Time

The early part of my rebuild was spent isolated and alone, trying to find answers without asking for help or admitting what was wrong. It was miserable and at times, felt hopeless.

Once I began to understand how to use support, without it turning into reliance, my entire experience shifted. You don’t need an army of people backing you up. In fact, one or two friends, practitioners, doctors or ideally a combination of both are ample.

The only requirement is that they hold you in your potential for health and do not waver in their belief that you have the power to be well.

The minute someone projects their fear about your illness onto you, or starts telling you what the odds are, it’s time to ask for a correction or distance yourself.

If they are a family member or spouse, this can be tricky. Gently let them know that if they can’t offer their support in the way that’s needed, you’ll take their silence instead. Your health comes first.


Action: If you feel a lack of support, try supporting someone else. The fastest way to heal an area of lack in your life is to give in that area. By offering your support to someone else you raise your energy, and as the old saying goes, “The giver of the rose bears the scent.”

For more information on Jacqueline and the book, Rebuild Your Health Reclaim your Life, visit http://rebuildyourhealthreclaimyourlife.com/


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