You Are A Movie Star!

You are a Movie Star!
Your life is the movie you create. Don’t believe me?
 Look back at 2016 – think of the big events….notice how they’re like scenes and in every scene there’s a challenge and then some form of change is required to propel your story forward.
Are you with me?
Notice where you felt STUCK this year – stuck in the same scene, re-living the same stuff, carrying out the same patterns and feeling frustrated. Maybe you wanted to take action and create change…perhaps you wanted to get into the next scene and a more exciting or relaxing chapter of your life. But…there was always a palpable tension. Some fear about moving forward and realising your potential.
You got caught in that gap between where you are and where you want to be.
Yep, transition can be difficult. The truth is, all get attached to people, things, places and experiences that no longer serve us yet we can’t let them go. Sometimes we even take on a particular role – wife, mother, friend, survivor, victim- and grow to believe it’s our identity, when actually it’s just a role for that scene.
Some scenes require us to stand up and speak up, some need us to pause and reflect, some entail suffering but each is really a just a teaching point. A moment in which we are called to learn. And it’s only once we get this learning that we are able to move forward.
So look back at your movie of 2016…you’re the Star after all 😉
Notice the areas or scenes where you got stuck. Now make a decision to create the change that will propel you into a new scene for 2017. Take a breath and detach from what’s holding you in that scene. Here’s a hint – It always comes down to a belief. A belief you can’t be, do or have something.
And yes maybe there are people or things that won’t be coming with you into your next scene. Release them with love and create the space for new people and things in the next phase of your journey. Try loosening your grip on how you think things should look and be willing to see each scene simply as a stepping stone on your path. An opportunity to learn, flourish and grow. A chance to release the roles you’re holding onto and remember your true identity – that fun, vibrant, healthy, creative, gorgeous human being who’s here to do something amazing.
Decide that in each scene of your 2017 movie, you’ll be more “You” and be open to stepping into a new scene and creating a whole new movie you LOVE! You’re going to have to watch it so you may as well enjoy it. Roll camera…and remember your potential is limitless 🙂

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