Kitchen Psychology

8 weeks ago my kitchen was gutted in the name of a major update. It was long overdue…think 1980s orange oak with layers of the previous owner’s edible remnants lodged into every crevice.

Not nice.

I knew there would be dust and disarray but I hadn’t banked on a timely lesson in psychology!

Here are 3 valuable lessons I learned from cramming my cookware and weekly shop into a tiny utility room and living with assorted builders, electricians, family member and dogs 🙂

Lesson number 1 – Allow A Little Chaos

In chaos we drop our norms and adjust quickly. I didn’t long for my new, spacious kitchen in-the-making, I merely passed through the bombsite it resembled daily and got on with life. The minimal amount of “stuff” I needed to actually function and feed the masses was temporarily liberating. Less space and saucepans actually made me feel freer (and less likely to reach for the sharp knives!)

Allow a little chaos in your life and see how you adapt. Operating on less creates space in other areas.

Lesson number 2 – Notice Why You’re Doing…(Whatever!)

Last Friday evening, when my new kitchen was finally complete, corks were popped, fizz flowed and cookware and utensils were escorted into their new abodes. Yet, Saturday morning I awoke and headed straight for the utility room. Even now, four heady days later, I keep finding myself in that damn utility room.

This is the power of a habit.

The utility room is now empty. I cannot cook in there. It contains no food. It’s of no use to me in that regard and yet I keep gravitating towards that space because in the few short weeks it was home, I created a very strong new habit.

What are you repeatedly doing without realising it? Does it get you the results you want?

Lesson number 3 – Habits Aren’t Just Accidents

How many of your habits have evolved from old patterns? You’ve always done it that way, thought about it that way or wanted that because that’s what was modelled to you?

8 weeks is no amount of time and yet I had created a whole new mental and physical pattern. I did this without trying. It did not take masses of effort and it was born out of chaos.

It made me realise I can use this to create anything!

Apply this to your life for a moment.

Where is the area of stress or chaos? Where’s your proverbial gutted kitchen that no longer works? And what’s the little space in the corner, your utility room, that offers a potential solution, even if it’s temporary?

Do you want to know how to create new habits and use them to get what you want?

What to do now

Observe your current habits. Get out of your (proverbial) kitchen, (or your old ideas) and move into a new mental space. It may seem uninviting at first but challenge yourself to start operating from this cleaner consciousness.

Be willing to break old patterns just to see what else is available.

In just a few short weeks, your life can look very different. You don’t need to gut a room to get this shift. Simply take action today.

Whether the space that’s bugging you is mental, physical or emotional, you can get out of it. You can create an alternative and inhabit it daily until your focus is on new opportunities and experiences.

Are you ready to apply this to your beliefs around your finances, your health, your relationships…or anything?

Are you ready to change your habits and create what you really want in your life?

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Release the old and re-wire your brain for the new. Opportunities are everywhere 🙂

Oh..and here’s my new kitchen 😉


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  1. Karen on February 28, 2017 at 7:07 pm

    Fab analogy, psychology and insights. Your awesome. Kitchen looks fab warm and inviting and can see the happy energy. Big Love x

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