Freebie: 5 Simple Ways To Beat Burnout Now!

According to a UK survey, a shocking 40% of women are on the brink of burnout!

Constantly tired? Never able to catch up with the to-do list, stressed out about work, the kids, school stuff, the house, keeping a relationship together and being the perfect size whatever?? You could be on the brink of burnout!

Are you in constant “Do” mode, a masculine and adrenaline fuelled state that leaves you drained and unhappy but you haven’t got time to think about it?

It has to stop and this FREEBIE can help!

I’m a former burnout queen and if you think I’m being over dramatic…read on…

When I hit burn-out my legs literally stopped working. I woke one morning and they were suddenly too heavy to lift. Like overnight.

I could not stand. I felt nauseaous and dizzy. I had to slide off the bed to the floor and pull myself with my arms, commando style across the floor to the bathroom. That was the beginning of a ten year…yes 10 year, Rebuild.

Don’t brush off burnout!

Before burnout I lived full out, worked hard, partied hard, beat myself up at the gym and generally ran from one thing to the next, assuming I was invincible.

I wasn’t and neither are you.

If you’re regularly exhausted or overwhelmed, I can help. I have a¬†Freebie for you because I don’t want any other woman to suffer.

I rebuilt myself from serious illness and now I’m super healthy, fit and strong. I don’t claim to be perfect, or have all the answers, but I can tell you honestly, that there are 5 things that made a MASSIVE difference to my health when I had to beat burnout.

So if you’re any kind of drained, perpetually tired, losing the plot, struggling with symptoms or on the brink of exhaustion – these 5 things will help, I promise.

To make it really simple I’m giving you 1 food, 1 technique, 1 meditation, 1 supplement and 1 surprising question. They’re all listed below, or if you’d like a printable pdf click here to download now

Here are your 5 Simple Ways to Beat Burnout:

One Food: Linseed Tea. If there’s one thing that stress messes up it’s our blood sugar. It’s why we feel exhausted constantly, it’s why we get shaky, anxious or over emotional and find ourselves over-eating or craving sugar.

Yet this can be easily managed with a natural tea that’s super cheap and easy to make. I was severely hypoglycemic and linseed tea stabilised my blood sugar within a week. I call it my miracle cure ūüôā You can watch the quick, follow along recipe by clicking this link:¬†¬†Linseed Tea by Jacqueline¬†

One Technique: Skin Brushing for 3-5mins every morning. Before you hit the shower, hit the brush and give your body a treat that will leave you feeling zingy and awake. An easy mini detox that’s especially good for those who can‚Äôt exercise and also fantastic for cellulite. For a short instructive video¬†Click HERE to watch and follow along

One Meditation:¬†This calming meditation reconnects you to your purpose and feminine energy so you can stop endlessly “doing” and start creating through pleasure and joy. Listen Here

One Supplement: Spatone liquid iron with Vitamin C (I get no commission for recommending this, I just think it’s a great product that tastes good and has vitamin C to ensure the iron is absorbed.) Take iron to alleviate fatigue and ensure underlying anaemia isn’t the real cause of your exhaustion.

One Question:¬†When you’re feeling run down or stressed out, ask yourself – why do I need this?

What is having this stress in your life allowing you to do? Or stopping you from doing? Why are you allowing or choosing this? 

If you’re on the brink of burnout your body is asking you to make changes, where is your resistance¬†coming from and how can you adjust your life to move towards health?

beat burnout

If you’d like a quick and colourful pdf of this please click here to download

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  1. Elie on June 6, 2018 at 5:16 am

    Thank you, Jacqueline, for the share. I can see that you have solved the problem of burn-out for yourself and you want to share it with other women. That\’s a great mission you are on and it\’s called sharing. You really kept it simple as much as possible with one food, one meditation… We as human tend to procrastinate when there is a lot to do. So well done on your advice and I can see that you have a youtube video, a coloreful pdf. Great job and keep the good work up. God bless you.

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