Strong, Sexy & Energised…or What Happened To Me?

What Happened to Me?

Did you ever come out of hibernation, aka winter, and look at your body and say "What happened to me?!"

You've been bundled up in layers, constantly covering your naked flesh and avoiding dealing with whatever's going on in your body.

You'll deal with that in the Spring.

Well, it's Spring!

Yep nature 's awake and there's re-birth and renewal everywhere and you feel pulled by that energy. It's like life wants you to move forward...and you want that too, that strong healthy feeling. That sexy, "I got this" energy where you can stand in your sass and take on the world.

Instead of staring in the mirror asking, "What happened to me?"

Because honestly, you're tired, and you haven't been eating so well, and you put on a few pounds and you've got symptoms, and maybe you're medicating but you don't need a fancy diet or a fitness bootcamp.

You just want strong, sexy and energised...right?

So What Happened to My Body?

What's keeping you from that vibrant health and energy you want? What's blocking you from strong and sexy and what's stopping you showing up as a feminine force who's got her sh*t sorted?

You are.

If there's something you want that's not showing up in your life, the block is always within.

I know this because I am the queen of blockages and I truly have the t-shirt on getting to strong, sexy and energised (it took me 10 years - can you beat that?)

So I speak from a little experience and a lot of love, when I say - Sister, why aren't you listening?

Like, tune in to station YOU, and listen to how, where and why you don't feel strong, sexy and energised.

Especially if you don't even feel like you anymore...

Here's a flashback

From Fun and Free To...

Ok that's not you it's me, but you have your own version of you as a fun, free, energised, female. It doesn't matter if you were 18 or 8 but there was a time when you believed you could do anything. You had faith in the goodness of life and you didn't even question the innate wisdom of your body.

You got sick, you got better. You had boundless energy and you were sassy!

Can you see that image now?

Are you smiling or wondering, "What the hell happened to me?"

Now, I don't know what happened to you, but I know what happened to me.

Trauma. Pain. Heartbreak. Illness. In a nutshell.

I'm guessing your experience might be similar.

And somewhere along the way we disconnect from ourselves. Like a weird kind of hibernation where we stop listening to our bodies, we don't prioritise self-care and we become drained.

We get tired. REALLY tired. Tiredness turns into symptoms that turn into disease that turns into...what happened to me?

Sure, we want strong, sexy and energised but we shut off from our bodies and all that divine feminine wisdom they hold, and we close down our power.

We lose trust in our ability to heal and we feel so awful and so afraid that we turn to someone else to fix us. me!

Yet that's not always the best strategy.

(If you feel like you're on the brink of burnout now, come back and read this later.)

Your Body Is Talking To You

The truth is, to get back in your power you need to turn within.

Because your body's been chatting away to you for a while now.

It can't send an email so it drops you a symptom. It would love to send a funky snapchat to get your attention but it has to resort to anything from allergies to full blown fatigue and disease.

So while you're saying "What happened to me?"

It's saying:

Hey girl, we've got an imbalance! P.S I'm doing my best but I need your help.

Did you know your body's only job is to keep you alive?

Seriously. That's all it wants to do.

So when nature's asking for re-birth and renewal outside, you can be sure your cells are trying to have a spring clean too. And it needs you to listen, lean in and trust.

How To Listen

You're going to need to do some digging. Just as before you plant new seeds in the garden you prepare the soil, so you prepare yourself for strong, sexy and energised.

Which means knowing how you got to "What the hell happened to me?" and understanding your options from here on.

And that's why I wrote the book.

Because once you see where and how you slipped off the path to being the healthiest, happiest version of you, you can course correct. You can RE-CONNECT. You can unravel the fatigue, the symptoms, the whatever...and move towards strong, sexy and energised.

And yes you've got to do some work, but honestly, I went through 10 years of rebuilding to develop this process so I've done a lot of the hard graft for you 🙂

I know your body wants strong, sexy and energised as much as you do. Your body wants fun, pleasure and vitality. Your body wants healing, movement, re-birth. And it knows how to get you there.

If you're willing to listen.

If you're ready to plant your strong, sexy seeds.

How To Plant Your Strong, Sexy, Energised Seeds

When the outside world says,  "Hey, take this to get rid of your symptoms, " or "Drink this to give you energy," Ignore it and go within. Your body has the answers and it knows what it needs. Your body is not your weakness it's your point of power and it wants you to flourish and thrive.

This is the season to re-connect, to re-birth, to own your beautiful body and discover what strong, sexy and energised feels like for you.

This is about listening to the wisdom within and planting the seeds of what you want.

It's possible - I'm living proof!

Ready to go from "What happened to me?" to "Whoa check me out!"




  1. Roger Moisan on April 15, 2018 at 12:43 pm

    Well, you have motivated me to shake off the winter blues and get ready for summer. I often blame age for letting myself go (51) then I take a look at Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt, both older than me and realise I have no excuse whatsoever.Thanks for this timely reminder!

    • Jescolme on April 18, 2018 at 8:54 pm

      Go for it!!! 51 is still a spring chicken…just look at the 70 year olds running the marathon 🙂

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