Working With Moon Cycles Made Easy – Free Printable!

Working with moon cyclesWorking With Moon Cycles

It’s no secret that in the name of rebuilding I’ve done some crazy sh*t. Urine therapy anyone?

When I was really sick, I’d try anything to get better and it kinda became a habit! So last year, when when a friend suggested working with moon cycles, I was curious…

The Moon and The Feminine

The moon has been associated with feminine energy for centuries and I’m a fan of that magical full moon glow, but well…it seemed complicated…

Sure the benefits sounded great. Like knowing the best times to get creative, when to drive forward with a project and be out selling, or optimising when we’re at our most irresistible…and I don’t just mean Tinder time. Even respecting when to retreat and focus on the inner work.

And the golden ticket? To sync our menstrual cycle to the moon cycle, resulting in more balanced energy and less emotional upheaval in terms of anxiety, pmt or the hormonal rollercoaster so many of us experience.

Powerful and transformative stuff…but still complicated…

So, as I believe in sharing the love (turns out this stuff works) I’d like to share my results and Ta-Da a juicy Free printable I created to simplify things a little.

It’ll make working with moon cycles a cinch and act as a handy reminder of exactly what different moon phases and moon energy mean for you!

Why Work With Moon Cycles?

If you struggle to make things happen in your life, find that work’s a battle, or your emotions are all over the place, you’re probably working against, instead of with the current moon cycle.

It’s not that life’s out to get you. It’s that everything in nature is cyclical – especially us girls! Working with moon cycles tunes us into the rhythm of nature and the balance to be found there. When we know the cycle we understand the periods of “my time” to shine and “me time” to recuperate. We create and manifest during our growth phases and retreat to gain insights during our resting periods.

If you learn how to work the cycle I’m willing to bet you’ll achieve more, with less effort and stress, because you’ll stop over-investing at the wrong time (which is why so many of us burnout!)

Here’s how…

How To Work With Moon Phases


Working With The New Moon

The theme is re-birth

working with moon cycles

The new moon or dark moon is when there appears to be no moon in the sky – in fact the sun’s just not lighting the side of the moon that faces us.

If you’re not on contraception that controls your cycle, this is the time to bleed – heads up – it’s about letting go.

The new moon is a deeply mystical time and we should use it to re-connect with ourselves. To rest, recuperate and contemplate what we want to create in life. As fierce females this is when we are at our intuitive best, so pay attention to dreams and that wise woman inner knowing you may usually ignore.

Don’t be afraid of the dark, use it to examine what’s working and not working in your life.

Release. Let go of everything that’s accumulated over the month and shut down for spiritual maintenance. Unplug yourself, indulge in me time and prepare for the coming cycle. Try to reduce your workload, have at least one day of rest and recuperation and honestly, if you just wanna cry – do it.

This is the time for being, not for doing.

The night of the new moon is highly creative. You can maximise this energy by visioning, dreaming and journaling. Give yourself free rein to go deep, write down what you want then set clear intentions for the coming month.

Mentally plant your seeds of intention on the night following the new moon and start taking action towards them a couple of days after.Launch your plan for the coming month. New business ventures, relationships, health projects, they all count.

This a time of re-birth. So don’t be afraid to start over.

For a handy list of new moon timings – they’re not always at night! – click here

New Moon Tip

If you hate your period or see it as a curse, know this – when your body cannot offload excess toxicity through the usual channels of your liver and bowel it cunningly uses your monthly bleed. Yep as women we have an extra method of detox that guys don’t…maybe that’s why man flu is sooo bad?

Miraculous and just a teeny bit helpful don’t you agree? And if your period  is heavy and painful think what the rest of your system has been trying to cope with!

Working With The Waxing Moon

working with moon cyclesThe theme is Creation

The moon re-appears from right to left (in the northern hemisphere,) getting bigger and brighter. This phase is all about taking action, growth and expression.

Investigate and research the ideas you set intentions around at the new moon.

Put new projects in motion and put yourself out there. Network, connect and communicate on your ideas. Look for synchronicities and the opportunities they offer to get closer to your desires.

This energy is bright, courageous and driven so Go Girl! Fully engage yourself and  don’t hesitate to ask for support.

Approaching the full moon

As the full moon gets closer you may feel kinda invincible. It’s easy for you to express so selling comes easily and you can attract what you want… and even who you want… because your body’s giving out those hot sexy hormones.

Confidence and receptivity are sky high but watch out towards the end of this moon phase when you may come across obstacles that force you to adjust, review or refine your plan.

Don’t shut down – Stay open. This is a natural part of the process to clarify where change may be required. Use the high energy of this phase to adapt and come up with workable compromises.

Waxing Moon Tip

Trimming your hair in this phase is said to promote accelerated hair growth. Call the salon and book that appointment!

Working With The Full Moon

The theme is Illumination

The sun’s reflection casts the glow of the moon upon us and the effect is illuminating. With the sun and moon in direct opposition this is a time of revelation and breakthroughs.

Be prepared – you may feel the effect of a full moon for a few days before and after the full moon itself.

Nothing is left in the darkness and in case you haven’t heard of full moon madness – this energy is potent!

This illumination reveals where our progress is blocked and where we need healing. Yes your stuff is gonna come up but be grateful – this moon phase provides a powerful opportunity to release and forgive.

How to maximise this supercharged energy

Leave your drapes open at night, or try standing or meditating under a full moon and bathing yourself in its energising light. Allow it to re-charge you.

Full moon energy is motivating and productive. Your intentions start manifesting, whoo-hoo! There’s a sense of culmination and it can be a time of clarity, and self-understanding.

Now is the time to go out and have fun with your squad – PARTY!!! You can be assertive about what you want and what you stand for, but remember to also be grateful. Focus your gratitude now to boost your manifestation power in the next cycle.

You are open and receptive and – heads up – so is your body. It absorbs more easily, so avoid operations that require an aneasthetic and be mindful about what you put on / in it (see below.)

Spoiler Alert – If you ovulate now, as lots of women do, the full moon will help you get pregnant! Don’t say I didn’t warn you 😉

Full Moon Tip

If you get a little full moon madness due to the heightened energy, use practices like yoga, meditation and walking barefoot in nature to calm and ground yourself.

Or just roll with it and blame it on moon magic!

Working With The Waning Moon

working with moon cyclesThe theme is processing and completing

The moon wanes from right to left, disappearing to a slither of a crescent on the left. (In the Southern hemisphere it’s the opposite.)

This is a time to contemplate what came to light at the full moon and for me it’s usually the most difficult part of the cycle. The full moon shows what’s working and what’s not and now we have to deal with it.

It can feel like a test of commitment and concentration and your energy may dip but we still needed to break down concepts that aren’t working and create new, more aligned ideas.

Party’s over…back to work and a close look at what needs to change.

This is the best time to de-clutter. Whether it’s old clothes, a bad habit, relationship or job, start clearing out a few days after the full moon.

As the moon withdraws to a thin crescent, so can you. Use this time to reflect on issues that are still unresolved. Acknowledge anything that’s blocked your progress this cycle and work on releasing it at the new moon so you can begin afresh for the next month.

Get ready to re-frame, release, re-birth and repeat next month 🙂

Waning Moon Tip

The Balsamic moon phase is 72hrs before the actual new moon. This is prime detox time for those who love a kick-ass release and a supercharged start to the new cycle.

If you’re planning dentistry, waxing or any kind of operation, schedule it for now – there will be less internal trauma and bleeding and the approaching waxing moon will build your energy to support recuperation. Cool huh?

What Happens When You Start Working With Moon Cycles?

working with moon cyclesLife. Gets.Easier.

I have one word for you. Balance.

I feel lighter, less stressed and more in tune with my body. Even though my cycle aligned with bleeding at the full moon and ovulating on the new moon, it still transitioned into a painless, easy process, that showed up like clockwork every month.

Working with moon cycles means I no longer freak out or make rash decisions when I get a little full moon madness…well ok, maybe sometimes, but at least I know why it’s happening and I can laugh, and know it will pass.

I also love the excuse to get a little anti-social around my bleed time and honour my body’s need to recuperate with box sets and the best dark chocolate money can buy. Taking time for myself has proven transformational.

As I started working with moon cycles more deeply and setting intentions seriously, my cycle switched to ovulating at the full moon and bleeding on the new moon. A seamless and painless reverse in the space of three months – now that got my attention!

I’m told this means I’m now ready to do the deep inner work that bleeding on the new moon facilitates and miraculously, this is exactly where I am in my life.

Ready to try this for yourself?

Get Your FREE Printable and Synchronize Away!

working with moon cycles

Download my handy printable so you’ll know how to optimise each phase of the moon cycle and harness these energies instead of working against them.



You’ll find it becomes more easy and less stressful to get things done, just by working with nature.

And let me know what happens to your menstrual cycle – It’s no coincidence your menstrual cycle and the moon cycle are the same length!

See how much lighter, freer and happier you become when you consciously start over every 29 days.  A sparkly new you, courtesy of mama moon and her cycle of creation, culmination and completion each month.

Download it here and then grab calendar of the new and full moon dates for the rest of the year at the bottom of the blog.

Simple transformative stuff. Period 🙂

Want to know all the dates of the new and full moons??? Click Here and download.



  1. Alice on May 8, 2018 at 10:19 am

    So useful – absolutely love it!! Ticks all boxes thank you so much ❤️💪🏻

  2. Isabella on May 10, 2018 at 1:46 am

    Thank you so much for sharing! It’s funny, my mom would always look at the moon to cut our hair when I was younger, and she would tell us it’s so we get thicker and better hair… but I never thought about it again. And it makes sense that going with the moon cycle would create a more balanced life! Thank you for creating this free download, I will definitely check it out!!!

    • Jescolme on May 10, 2018 at 11:38 am

      Thanks Isabella, glad you found it useful and your mom obviously knew her stuff! 🙂

  3. Robin on May 14, 2018 at 3:43 am

    Thanks for the nice straightforward explanation of each phase of the moon. It was also useful to get tips for activities to carry out in each phase.

  4. Dave Menzies on June 6, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Fascinating stuff. I have long been aware of effects of moon cycles but not at this level. I\’ll need to study on this more. I always have a sense of excitement when there is a full moon but always just attributed that to how spectacular it looks and the visual effect it creates on the sea in front of our house. It\’ll be interesting to think on this more so thanks for this!

  5. Isabella on June 6, 2018 at 6:51 am

    Thank you so much for sharing! It%u2019s funny, my mom would always look at the moon to cut our hair when I was younger, and she would tell us it%u2019s so we get thicker and better hair%u2026 but I never thought about it again. And it makes sense that going with the moon cycle would create a more balanced life! Thank you for creating this free download, I will definitely check it out!!!

  6. Susan Patricia Connor Lewis on June 25, 2018 at 4:27 am

    The moon Cycles have been here longer than humans have breathed on this planet. As such how many cultures have ignored the moon cycles. In truth the answer is not one.

    Negative fears roamed our heads placed there by people within the cycle to keep control. Go out in the night and \’This or that will happen!”

    Plant the root vegetables in the dark phases of the moon cycles.

    Human births run high just as the moon comes into full flow. The opposite is also truth in life.

    People with cultures that have hands in the dirt are far more \’moon influenced\’ than the concrete and Tar cultures. Hence why garden beds are popping up all as Gorilla movements around the cities the world wide.

    I love the moon. Look forward to dancing on the beach under the full moon.

    Thank you Jescolme for the post as this: Working With Moon Phases- has reaffirmed what was becoming a dormant spark. Reignited now.

    • Jescolme on June 25, 2018 at 4:34 pm

      Thanks Susan, so glad it was useful and I also love dancing under the full moon or just moon bathing 🙂

  7. Sara Wasser on June 25, 2018 at 4:27 am

    This is very interesting! It\’s amazing how nature has so much to communicate to us. Ancient cultures based so much of their life and seasons on moon cycles. Thanks for sharing the free printable and all your knowledge about this. I enjoy looking into the mysteries of the night sky. So fascinating!

    • Jescolme on June 25, 2018 at 4:33 pm

      Thanks sara, glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  8. Scott Anders on July 14, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Intriguing post! Definitely piqued my interest!

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