19 Of The Best Things I Ever Did

best things I ever did

From sex to success, here are 19 of the best things I ever did and why you should try them!

No 1: Wrote a letter to my children telling them how much I loved them.

When I was so ill death seemed inevitable, I wanted to make sure I had said what I needed to say. Try it for Instant peace of mind.

No 2: Invested thousands in a business venture that didn’t pay off and made peace with it.

Know that nothing is ever wasted, because where there is learning there can be no such thing as loss.

No 3: Gave into desire. Repeatedly.

Notice what happens to your creativity when you allow more pleasure into your life. Get to know yourself by the pull of your longings and where they lead you.

No 4: Swam naked, danced naked, sunbathed naked and generally got naked whenever possible.

Experience your body as beautiful, whole and complete through a sensory experience.

No 5: Self-published A Book.

If it’s in you and it won’t be quiet until it comes out…write it. Create it. Offer it as your gift.

No 6:Travelled across continents to study with gurus whose teachings changed my life.

If you already had the answers you’d be living your dream life. Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself to learn from those who have gone before you.

No 7: Stopped expecting a man to make me happy.

When you’re responsible for your own happiness you become empowered, you make better decisions, you smile more 🙂

No 8: Gave up Sugar, Wheat, Dairy, Wheat and Caffeine for two years so my system could heal and rebuild. (lean and toned without trying, yay!) 

Do what needs to be done and don’t listen to the haters. Make choices that support your health not anyone else’s.

No 9: Experimented with extended orgasm and manifesting through sexual pleasure.

Blissful and surprisingly productive!

No 10: Blessed the people who had caused me immense pain and forgave them so I didn’t have to carry that shi*t around any more.

Forgive for yourself. Forgive the being not the behaviour. We’re all going to screw up at some point!

No 11: Discovered Linseed Tea and stopped sugar cravings and hypoglycemia in a matter of days.

Try it for skin conditions, allergies, cravings, constipation and so much more…recipe in the book.

No 12: Went halfway across the world just to get some space.

Sometimes a different continent is what you need to breathe.

No 13: Picked up the phone and asked for forgiveness.

Take remedial action when you heart tells you to. Be humble and open to healing the situation.

No 14: Got so angry with my kids I shouted, then cried, then admitted I wasn’t perfect and probably wouldn’t ever be. Man what a relief…

Let go of all expectations that you or your life are going to be perfect. It’s bullsh*t

No 15: Stopped compromising to support my husband’s career because he earned more money.

What you earn does not define your self-worth, or determine whether you can achieve your dreams. No one partner is more important. Everyone has a function and a purpose.

No 16: Loved a man who never loved me back and learned to be ok with it.

Loving someone, blessing them and releasing them creates a vacuum for the universe to fill with new love. If you are not together, something better is destined for you.

No 17: Howled and sobbed when the man who had abused me died, because, even though I was an adult and no longer a helpless child, he could no longer hurt me.

Grieving can be weird and unexpected. Allow it to happen. Let the healing begin.

No 18: Spent ten years rebuilding my body from serious illness.

Not everything in life is instant. Patience and perseverance will reap bountiful rewards if you let them.

No 19: Believed in myself when no one else did.

If you do nothing else, do this. Never doubt or question what’s in your very soul and never look back…you’re not going that way.

These are 19 of the best things I ever did….so far!

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