20 Reasons to Rebuild Yourself

reasons to rebuild yourself

Ever feel like you want to start over and totally rebuild yourself?

You know, ditch the meds and create that Gisele Bundchen body crossed with Sheryl Sandberg’s brain and Melissa McCarthy’s sense of humour, that you secretly crave in your “ideal me” moments.

Or would you settle for simple good health? As in, symptom-free, abundant energy, vitality and no pill popping or waiting for test results to determine the course of your day.

A 2017 survey showed 55% of Americans regularly take medication and the UK follows closely behind. Which means many of us need to rebuild.

If you’re one of the millions stuck in symptoms or drowning in self-doubt about whether you’ll ever be truly well, then pay attention because I’m about to throw you a life vest.

Whether you know how to rebuild yourself or not, here’s WHY to rebuild yourself.

Because…truth bomb…

Once you get the WHY, the HOW becomes way easier

And I know because I’m the expert.

Ten years of rebuilding, naturally, to get back to amazing health. I truly have the T-Shirt on this one, so here’s my truth serum.

20 Reasons to rebuild Yourself

This is for you if you’re…

– Taking tablets, reliant on meds, injections or anything that if you were “healthy” you wouldn’t need.
– In any kind of pain.
– Sooo tired of feeling like this.
– Overwhelmed. Constantly.
– Dependant on something that restricts your freedom to be you.

These are my reasons to rebuild yourself from a survivor’s perspective.

Because you always have a choice.

reasons to rebuild yourself

My top 20 reasons to rebuild yourself

1. You’ll feel re-connected – like you broke up with your body for a while but now you’re back together and this new love, this is the one, this is where you’ll feel loved and cherished for the rest of your life – whoo hoo!

2. In an OMG type of wake-up call, you’ll discover your real values. You’ll remember what’s REALLY important to you and you’ll make decisions from this perspective so all that sh*t that seemed important before will just fade away…and you will be happier.

3. You’ll feel sexier – because you’re healthier and stronger and surer of your body and that’s kinda juicy and sensuous. Be prepared to start lovin’ on yourself, blowing kisses in the mirror and getting a little flirtatious with life…which means…

4. You’ll have more sex. Either with a partner or with yourself. And you’ll give in to pleasure more readily and receive the bliss available to you…ahhhh deep sigh.


(Want to know more about rebuilding yourself to strong, sexy and energised? Read this)


5. You’ll look younger. Because illness is ageing and a healthy mind and body create radiance.

6. You’ll feel superhuman in a “Look what I just did” way because your inner glow comes from the confidence of knowing you’re in control of your health

7. Your shoulders will drop and your posture will improve because you’re not riddled with anxiety and carrying around all that stress anymore. You’ll look taller, and yes, thinner!

8. Great things will manifest in your life because you’ve learned to trust the process. You’re not running around trying to find the next person who can “Fix” you. You know you’ve got this.

9. You’ll feel adventurous and maybe you’ll even believe in miracles. Not the “that just dropped out of the sky and solved all my problems” type but, “wow, I’m seeing things differently and my mind is open.”

10. You’ll get clarity around what you need and what you don’t. And you’ll stop engaging with the latter.

reasons to rebuild yourself

More reasons to rebuild yourself

11. You’ll start having fun…real fun, because you’ve got your mojo back and you’re ready to go out and play.

12. You’ll learn to let go of toxic relationships. Those people who drag you down, only see you in your symptoms or just drain you, will be gently and lovingly cut away to create the space for something amazing.

13. You’ll make new friends. Proper like-minded, lifelong friends who get you and who you’re becoming.

14. You’ll build a sense of self-deserving. You’ll finally feel worthy of the great stuff in your life and you’ll ask, “Ok, if I can do this with my health, what else can I do?”

15. You’ll go out and actually do the work you love. Because you know time’s precious and there’s not a moment to waste NOT being who you truly are.

16. You’ll fall back in love with learning – because you know what you’ve learned from this experience has changed your life and once you’ve sipped from the cup of your own potential your thirst can’t be quenched.

Rebuilding yourself makes you HOT!

17. You’ll become a bigger and better version of yourself. You’ll evolve into the new you and fall madly in love because, dammit the new you is HOT!

18. You’ll dance, run, skip and MOVE, because you can, because it feels good, because you’re alive. You’ll try new things like meditation and yoga because you understand your energy can change your state in a nanosecond.

19. You’ll become a role model. People will look to you for inspiration, encouragement, and heck even advice. Because you know what’s possible and everyone wants a little possibility.

20. You’ll perceive your experience as a gift. As a learning assignment bestowed upon you by life. And you will feel grateful.

Rebuilding Yourself Is A Gamechanger

Why do it?

Because every other area of your life will unexpectedly transform

Career. Relationships. Finances. Purpose. Love.

(I’m living proof!)

All you have to do is choose. Pick a reason to rebuild yourself. From whatever. Then begin. Be the comeback kid. Be the change. Be you.


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  1. Sara Wasser on July 4, 2018 at 8:36 am

    This is a great article. I\’ve been free from medications for many years. I remember the days when I was always making sure I had Tylenol or Ibuprofen with me “just in case”. Now, I can go anywhere and do anything without having to worry about taking medication along with me. It\’s a wonderful life of freedom. I love the work you are doing in helping people rebuild themselves!

    • Jescolme on July 8, 2018 at 2:58 pm

      Thanks Sara, glad to hear you are enjoying a life of health freedom! 🙂

  2. Irina on February 22, 2019 at 7:26 pm

    “15. You’ll go out and actually do the work you love. Because you know time’s precious and there’s not a moment to waste NOT being who you truly are.”
    This absolutely resonates with me and my life. I can’t believe I wasted so much of my life being someone I am not. Just to impress others? Sad but true for the majority of us. Expressing who I am truly is – is living my life on purpose every single day! I stopped impression others and instead started to do what feels right. 🙂 Thank you for your wonderful article!

    • Jescolme on April 1, 2019 at 8:45 am

      Thanks Irina, I’m so glad it was helpful 🙂

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