You’ll Know The Answer When You’re Willing To Hear Your Own Truth

You'll know the answer when you're willing to hear your own truth

Some years ago, I woke one day to discover my legs no longer worked properly.

They were oddly achy, heavy beyond belief and simply would not support me. I had to pull myself commando style, across the floor just to get to the toilet. Not fun.

I thought it was a one-off day of weirdness but it turned out to be, welcome to your new life. I did what I had been taught and spent years going from doctor to doctor trying to get answers and listening to a LOT of people in white coats telling me what they thought was wrong. Or more accurately, that they didn’t actually know what was wrong.

You know what I learned?

The longer I listened to someone else and expected them to “fix” me, the sicker I’d get.

I felt like my body was failing me, when actually it was just saying, I literally can’t stand this!

The answer was there but the trouble was, like a lot of people, I hadn’t been taught to listen.

Why don’t we listen?

Quite simply, we’re not trained to. We’re not told we can solve our own health problems, we’re taught to get a professional diagnosis, believe the prognosis and begin the treatment.

Honestly the last person I expected to have the answer was ME.

Think about it. We all know someone so overweight it severely restricts their life. They give us all kinds of reasons for their obesity but part of us knows what they’re really craving is love not food.

Part of them knows that too but they’re not ready to hear it.

Then there are the people with nasty inflammatory conditions who are super calm on the outside and seething underneath. They’ll have something red hot and painful somewhere that they just won’t want to hear about.

And what about that friend we all have who can’t get rid of their back pain but won’t acknowledge how completely unsupported and weak they feel.

Denial is our age old way of not dealing with our stuff. But what if, instead of banging on the doc’s door, we knocked gently on our own?

The truth is, to turn our health and our lives around, we have to be willing to listen.

More important that knowing WHAT you’ve got is knowing HOW you got it.

If you know how you got it, you can figure out how to unravel it to get back to health.

Our body is always communicating with us but it speaks in symptoms. We see the symptoms as a pain in the ass and medicate them away rather than interpreting them. Or we ignore them because we’re not taught to use our innate ability to intuit. I was taught to seek professional advice and hand over my power and my potential to heal myself.

And when we do hear of people who heal themselves and achieve miraculous results, we call them anomalies. We pretend they got lucky or they’ve got a secret they won’t share. We don’t choose to believe the same is possible for us because on some level our symptoms are serving us. Our condition gives us permission to live a certain way, avoid things we’re afraid of facing and be a much smaller version of ourselves.

If you’ve got symptoms right now just ask how they’re serving you. Or read this for help.

Me personally, I took years to heal because I was terrified of what might happen if I actually admitted what was wrong and put down the emotional baggage I’d carried since childhood. I lived in fear of the people I’d hurt and the lives I’d wreck, until my own was so wrecked I could barely stand up!

We ALL have patterns that will progress into physical symptoms if we let them

We choose illness or health every day, according to our level of listening and our willingness to hear.

I’m not saying it’s easy. It’s a skill to be learned, but would you do it if it meant a life free of medication? Saying goodbye to surgery?

The good news is, your body is always on your side. It literally wants to save you. So if your symptoms are particularly confusing or don’t match a disease picture, it’s because they’re not trying to concur with a medical text book. They’re speaking to you. They are designed specifically for you. To get YOUR attention. To ask YOU to change.

So sure, go get the blood test if you want a diagnosis or if it helps to know what you’re working with. Just don’t buy into the label or the prognosis.

Instead, listen.

We only ask others what’s wrong when we don’t like the answers we get from ourselves.

Denial is distraction from the real business of being ourselves to heal ourselves.

Stop and pay some attention to your body. Listen to the little voice that says, that’s not right, that doesn’t feel good, you’re going the wrong way! I CAN’T COPE!!

When you’re sick your body is asking for stillness. Quiet. Meditation. It wants you to feel your way back to flow state, where you will hear the truth of who you are and what’s out of balance.

Flow state is as scientific as showing up as yourself, doing something you love that makes time stop and allows your mind to expand. In flow state you start shedding the mental and emotional load that has manifested as physical symptoms.

In flow you are receptive. You are open and accessible and the answers that come through will point you towards your path and your potential to be truly healthy and well.

What I learned is that when you listen, you will hear the truth of your illness and this is your road map back to health. Your symptoms are signposts and if you learn why they exist, you can unravel them and rebuild yourself.

My truth saved my legs and my life. Who knows what yours might do…

Stop searching for your purpose and start seeking your truth instead.

It will lead you to the same place. Happiness and health.


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