Why This Mom Won’t Diss The Guy Who Broke Her Daughter’s Heart

I watched my daughter’s heart crack wide open (Twenty20 @kim.schaffer)

I remember my first love so clearly.

I swore he was the ONE, right until I found out he was also someone else’s ONE. In that nanosecond he snapped my little heart in half.

I’d spent three years planning our life together and living in his place in preparation for a proposal. Overnight I became homeless, boyfriend-less and, because I’d built my world around him, identity-less.

One word.


Ugly, devastating to my health and completely avoidable if I’d known a few things beforehand.

So two decades later, with my heartbreak hurdle well behind me, I found my twenty-year-old daughter sobbing “But…he’s the ONE,”  and her pain was like an old friend.

The searing, gnawing ache of lost love.

I watched my daughter’s heart crack wide open and decided that this heartbreak would go differently.

I would tell her the truth about heartbreak and stop the damage before it started. If she handled this heartbreak wisely, it might transform all her future relationships. Including her relationship with herself…

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