Before You Call The Doctor…

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We have been brainwashed into believing our bodies won’t heal.

It’s what we’ve been taught. We get sick, we go to someone else.

We haven’t got time to not feel great, or figure out what that weird symptom is. And even if we get told we’ve got an allergy or something, so what? Who hasn’t? We get our meds and get back to our life because well, that’s just life.

We don’t have time for our own bodies any more. So we turn to someone else, even though we know we’ve run ourselves into the ground, our lymph glands have been up for days and yes, we still went on that bender after work last night.

We can’t activate our self agency to heal because we don’t believe the power is ours in the first place.

We say, “I just need something to get through this….phase…these symptoms….and then I’ll do something about it. Then I’ll take notice, take account, take action.”

Or not, because something else comes up and life’s just one big spiral of stress.

So our bodies chat away to us for weeks, desperately waiting for some attention. Giving us symptoms to let us know something’s wrong and asking for support, but we’re too busy to listen. We’ve got stuff going on!

And we’d rather check out that cute puppy on insta.

Sound familiar?

It’s almost a relief when we get diagnosed

Like, now I officially have an allergy, or a disorder. Which means I’ll be acting like this, unable to do that and generally shrinking my life to fit in the box with my LABEL all over it.

Ahh we love our labels. It makes us feel comfortable to put a name to our pain because once we’re in, this allergy, or that disorder box we’ll find other people “like us,” and we’ll never have to be alone again. We’ll have a ready made tribe of people we can talk about our symptoms with, who can help us build a life around our label.

Or, we can make like Morty Lefkoe and leave our label at the doctor’s door.

Morty is a smart self-healer. He did not deny his cancer diagnosis he simply refused the prognosis…which was that he would die. Instead he treated cancer like a broken leg. He did the research, changed his diet and lifestyle, took the supplements and created conditions for healing.

Guess what? A few months later he had no cancer in his body.

He made a different choice.

His secret? He attached no meaning to the diagnosis of cancer. So there was no fear and in the absence of fear he could just set about healing his body. He addressed the cause of the cancer and corrected the imbalance.

Allopathic medicine is just one perspective on healing

It’s how the story’s been told so far.

And told so often we believe it without question.

Listen, I’m not anti-allopathic medicine, it definitely has its place, but if I’m in the business of getting better, I’ll put my faith in me first, because I’m the expert on me, just like you’re the expert on you.

So before you suppress symptoms away with medication, consider this.

Your body is the smartest piece of kit on the planet. It will heal if you create conditions for health. It will die if you create conditions for disease.  The good news is, it will tell you how you are doing along the way.

Symptoms improve = right direction.

Symptoms worsen = time to rebalance.

Here’s what you need to know.

You can trust your body. It has no interest in harming you. Its only job is to keep you alive and when you work with it, it rewards you handsomely. Think energy, vitality and longevity. Who doesn’t want that?

Maybe the people still looking at the puppies on insta….

Or the sad souls still taking the tablets and pushing through, dis-connecting further from the innate wisdom deep in their DNA.

The truth is, until we decide healing is important, it won’t be. Until we open up and work with our bodies, instead of shutting down in shame or anger, we have no hope of healing.

Because if we want wellness the answer lies within.

The best medicine for you is always you.

The question is, will you take it?

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