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Why I Wrote Rebuild Your Health Reclaim Your Life

What People Are Saying About The Book

These days it’s relatively rare to meet someone who doesn’t have a health issue. From allergies to Asthma and full blown disease, ill health seems to be everywhere and many people are in a state of overwhelm, bombarded by contradicting information or in denial.

Are you someone who’s so used to having symptoms that the medication you started taking as a coping strategy has become a way of life?

I know how it feels to be dependent on tablets. To wait, as though life is on hold, for blood test results, or the next scan.  Illness can exert so much control over your life that, in addition to your symptoms, it becomes draining emotionally, financially and energetically.

Whether you’re experiencing the first niggling symptoms of illness or you’re looking back at your life wondering how things got to this point. Now is the time to get interested in your illness and yourself. The truth is that no matter which doctors you’ve seen or what medication you’re taking to cope with your symptoms, the only person who can ultimately heal you, is YOU.

You may think curing you of your symptoms is the same as healing you. It’s not. Removing symptoms is a temporary state. To truly heal means to not need the medication because your symptoms no longer exist. Instead you experience health.

In my book "Rebuild Your Health, Reclaim Your Life"  I’ll going to show you how to create conditions for health. There’s a simple law of cause and effect that you can use to your advantage. If you address the cause you get a better effect which is vibrant, energised health.

The sad fact is most people don’t realise they are consciously and unconsciously creating conditions for anything but health. Health is a choice and we need to learn how to choose it.

Who am I to say all this? Some fancy doctor?

Nope, just an average woman who became severely ill, tried conventional medicine without success and spent the next 10 years studying alternative forms of medicine, healing, nutrition and psychology and applying this learning to rebuild myself and my life.

While I’m trained in many health disciplines and, as part of my journey, qualified as a Natural Nutritionist, I am not a medical doctor – and that is exactly my point.

If, as an average woman I can rebuild myself then so can you.

The reason I wrote this book is that you may not want to spend ten years studying, you may simply not feel well enough or be able to commit to the financial investment that kind of learning requires. By sharing what I’ve learned and tested, I hope you won’t need, or have to. Yes you may feel drawn to learn more as you begin to feel better, and I would highly encourage that, but in the meantime, I wrote this book to help you rebuild yourself faster using my knowledge and experience.

If you’re ready to create change in your health. I’ll show you where to start and what to do, and I’ll keep it simple. No overloading you with anatomy and physiology. Just easy to apply information and support tools you can use to empower yourself to recovery. Fast.


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