The Fatal Mistake You’re Making About Stress

And why you should get emotional about it                                 Photo by Kinga Cichewicz on Unsplash   Stress nearly killed me. And it can do the same for you. You probably already heard that stress can cause heart disease, cancer and stroke, but……

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How To Love Your Midlife Crisis

                                    Photo by John Torcasio on Unsplash Midlife Crisis Ahhh, aging is beautiful, isn’t it? The media tells you to lower your hemline and raise your hairline. The mirror reflects wrinkles and sagging, despite the fortune you spend on…

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Why Women Lie About Feeling Fine

Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash I used to dread people asking me I wanted them to stop, but they didn’t. I tried to come up with something witty to distract them, to pretend the wheels weren’t coming off, the walls weren’t crumbling around me and a voice inside my head wasn’t screaming, help me!…

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Why Your Bikini Is Your Best Friend

You may think the best thing about summer is warm sunny evenings, spontaneous barbecues and a strawberry glut, but for me, the best thing about summer is my bikini. Not because it bares my curves and allows the sun to kiss my skin and make me feel sexy. Not because it makes me move more.…

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What Does Cancer Look Like To You?

What Does Cancer Look Like To You? Cancer. A woman lying in a hospice bed, drawing her last breath? A patient in pain, prepped for chemotherapy, bald and frightened? Or…a group of women dancing bra-less in a field, feathers in hair, cheeks speckled with glitter, smiling and connecting? How about, a woman who was given just…

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20 Reasons to Rebuild Yourself

Ever feel like you want to start over and totally rebuild yourself? You know, ditch the meds and create that Gisele Bundchen body crossed with Sheryl Sandberg’s brain and Melissa McCarthy’s sense of humour, that you secretly crave in your “ideal me” moments. Or would you settle for simple good health? As in, symptom-free, abundant…

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Anxiety Is The New Black

Anxiety Is The New Black Remember the good old days when all we had to worry about was allergies? I’m not talking about real allergies – like my best friend who WILL spontaneously combust if she ingests a nut, or anyone else who carries an epi-pen. I’m talking about the pseudo allergies that could probably…

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Why I Eat Chocolate Cake

Why I Eat Chocolate Cake I eat chocolate cake because people assume I can’t, shouldn’t, or wouldn’t dare. And that makes me smile. I’m not vegetarian, vegan or paleo but I can’t tell you how many people hesitate before handing me a plate of food or offering me an alcoholic drink. Clearly I have a…

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What To Do When Your Child Is Sick – 17 Smart Solutions

What To Do When Your Child Is Sick – 17 Smart Solutions MOM! I don’t feel well… Ahhh when your child is sick you know about it. The sore throat, streaming nose, unidentified virus and all night earache… most of us have got the t-shirt on childhood illness! Ever caught your sweaty, feverish, child’s vomit…

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