I'm a Writer and Rebuilder Who likes to Dance on Tables...

It wasn’t in my game plan to be seriously ill – EVER!

And yet suddenly I was facing surgery and a life on meds without any real answers as to why this was happening???

So I made what seemed like a crazy decision to turn my back on conventional medicine (and the doctor who gave up on me) and figure out health and healing for myself.

It was HARD because I couldn't find anyone or any process that offered the physical / nutritional / mental and emotional aspects of healing in one place.

And I knew one alone wouldn't be enough. So I spent ten years learning them all.

Ten years of endless study, trial, application and a total mindset re-think.

I swore if I ever recovered and rebuilt myself, I would put them ALL in one place, to help others get their lives back too.

That’s why I wrote Rebuild Your Health Reclaim Your Life.

My vision is that no other woman has to suffer what I went through, because my process can help anyone willing to make changes and ready to get their energy, vitality and life back.

I went from barely able to get up off the floor to playing league level netball, teaching dance and totally changing my life.

I discovered how to ditch the fear of dying and trust my body's innate ability to heal.

I never wanted to be the poster child for an amazing body or Kim Kardashian curves.

I just wanted my life back. I wanted to LIVE. I wanted to have energy for my kids and travel and sport and…yes, dancing on tables occasionally 😉

Jacqueline Escolme

Rebuilding yourself does not have to be complicated, expensive or painful.

Getting your life back can be a blissful revelation – promise 🙂

I want you to know how great you can feel, how happy, peaceful, energised and like you're living your life on purpose.

And I offer my support as a coach, a cheerleader and whatever you need to make this happen for you. Because I already know your potential is far greater than you realize.

My door is always open, my hand always outstretched. Let me show you what’s possible…