Use these Videos and Audios to support you in your Rebuild.

Read the description below the image then click on the image to watch or listen.


Relaxation and Release Audio

To help you accept and re-frame where you're at right now and create the space to move forward into health.

Simple Stretch Routine

To move the body and encourage gentle detox at any stage of your rebuild. Wear what's comfy, stretch at your pace and enjoy the way your body feels afterwards. Look after your body and it will look after you 🙂

Gratitude Audio Exercise

You may not feel grateful for your illness or symptoms but here's how to be grateful in the health situation you find yourself and what you can take from it and use to rebuild your life.

Forgiveness Audio Exercise 

Forgiving is essential to your health. You don't forgive for the other person involved but for yourself, so that you no longer carry the pain, anger or resentment. You give FOR yourself and create the space for healing to occur. Use this audio exercise to help you as often as required and above all, forgive yourself...

Seeing Yourself Differently Audio Exercise

Use this exercise to re-frame the way you perceive your body, paying particular attention to areas where there is illness or disease. See your body through a new loving lens as part of your Rebuild.

Visualisation Audio 

Relaxing visualisation exercise in preparation for creating the Vision of Your Health that you will use in Section 7 of "Rebuild Your Health Reclaim Your Life."

Guided Audio Meditation "Message from your body"

This will help you re-frame and focus on your body's only purpose and assist the release of toxic thoughts from the areas that need healing and rebuilding. From Section 6 of "Rebuild Your Health Reclaim Your Life."

Finding Your Fear Audio Exercise

Discover what's holding you back from achieving health and wellness and use this simple tool to break through the fear and understand how to befriend fear and use it to help you on your Rebuild.

Simple Routine To Move Through Your Joints

Our body can store acidity in our joints and this simple routine works through each joint to help release this and facilitate healing - it also feels pretty good 🙂 Spend a few minutes every morning doing this and feel the benefit! Work at your pace and the level that feels right for you.

Skin Brushing Technique

This is an easy way for anyone to stimulate cleansing in the body, on a daily basis, without requiring masses of effort or energy 🙂 From Section 4 of "Rebuild Your Health, Reclaim Your Life."


Forgiveness Support

If you are finding it hard to forgive someone in your life, or believe it's impossible, watch this and use it as an example of what is possible for all of us and why forgiveness is so important if we are ever to be truly healthy and well in body and mind.