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Why Women Lie About Feeling Fine

Photo by Timothy Paul Smith on Unsplash I used to dread people asking me I wanted them to stop, but they didn’t. I tried to come up with something witty to distract them, to pretend the wheels weren’t coming off, the walls weren’t crumbling around me and a voice inside my head wasn’t screaming, help me!…

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What Does Cancer Look Like To You?

What Does Cancer Look Like To You? Cancer. A woman lying in a hospice bed, drawing her last breath? A patient in pain, prepped for chemotherapy, bald and frightened? Or…a group of women dancing bra-less in a field, feathers in hair, cheeks speckled with glitter, smiling and connecting? How about, a woman who was given just…

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Working With Moon Cycles Made Easy – Free Printable!

Working With Moon Cycles It’s no secret that in the name of rebuilding I’ve done some crazy sh*t. Urine therapy anyone? When I was really sick, I’d try anything to get better and it kinda became a habit! So last year, when when a friend suggested working with moon cycles, I was curious… The Moon…

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