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What Does Cancer Look Like To You?

What Does Cancer Look Like To You? Cancer. A woman lying in a hospice bed, drawing her last breath? A patient in pain, prepped for chemotherapy, bald and frightened? Or…a group of women dancing bra-less in a field, feathers in hair, cheeks speckled with glitter, smiling and connecting? How about, a woman who was given just…

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20 Reasons to Rebuild Yourself

Ever feel like you want to start over and totally rebuild yourself? You know, ditch the meds and create that Gisele Bundchen body crossed with Sheryl Sandberg’s brain and Melissa McCarthy’s sense of humour, that you secretly crave in your “ideal me” moments. Or would you settle for simple good health? As in, symptom-free, abundant…

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Freebie: 5 Simple Ways To Beat Burnout Now!

According to a UK survey, a shocking 40% of women are on the brink of burnout! Constantly tired? Never able to catch up with the to-do list, stressed out about work, the kids, school stuff, the house, keeping a relationship together and being the perfect size whatever?? You could be on the brink of burnout!…

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