It's All About You

I do things a bit differently - because my rebuild was totally individual - and so is the way I work with you.

I'm a certified coach, natural nutritionist and I'm trained in energy healing. I bring years of knowledge and personal experience to my work with you and I'm passionate about helping you heal and thrive.

Message me on +44 (0) 7894 082520 and let's set up a time to chat. 

It's that simple! 

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Kick Starter or Ad Hoc Session

You get a signed copy of the book from me and a one hour call to talk about you...and I mean ANYTHING about you because everything affects your energy and your vitality. We'll identify what's stopping you creating the health and life you want and create strategic action to empower you forwards.

12 Week Turnaround

Brace yourself...we'll dive deep into YOU with 12 weekly calls and masses of support and resources to ensure your long-term health and vitality. Nothing is off limits in these sassy self-preservation and transformation sessions.

I'll guide you in rebuilding the juiced up, healthy, happy life you desire using your innate feminine power to create exactly what you want.

We'll take the stress off your system so you can actually heal and get rid of the self-sabotage that always leaves you right back where you started.

You'll feel calmer, more focussed and more alive and you'll LOVE the results!

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